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Anyone actually playing?

Yeah but not many have time to write in the external forums, as the game forums are more used in-game.


GameTick is one of the features of ManagerSim that most differ from the "Football Manager" computer programmes that have been around since the 1980s.

Consequently, if you're new to ManagerSim, you'll probably find the concept a little odd. It's actually a very simple concept.


GameTick can loosely be translated as "update".
Each ManagerSim GameWorld "ticks" several times each day. The number of daily ticks is different in each game.

During each tick, matches will be played and all of the data in the game will be updated, including the date in that GameWorld. Yes, that's right. The date...


ManagerSim is not played in real time, i.e. a day in real life does not equal a day in the game. The number of ticks per real life day varies from 1 to 6 and in demo world with 12 ticks. The number of ticks is set differently for each GameWorld... see below.

The date in your GameWorld changes because each time the game ticks, it will become either Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday in the game. This means that three ticks will equal one week in the game.

You'll find it useful to know that:

National cup matches are played on Tuesdays.
International cup matches are played on Thursdays.
Home division matches are played on Saturdays.


As manager, you have the chance to amend your team set-up, apply for jobs, bid on players and do many other actions, but, as explained, the effect of much of what you have done is not seen until after the GameTick.

There are however some reactions which may happen during 'real time'. These include:

* Interaction with other managers, especially human managers
* Reports from some staff members at your club
* Response from players you are negotiating with


There are several Game Worlds in ManagerSim. Choose one or several that would suit you best.

The ticks are usually equally spaced through the 24 hours. Games with higher numbers of GameTicks move faster, which some managers find meets their needs. Others (perhaps those who cannot access a computer so often) will prefer GameWorlds with fewer ticks per day.


Once the tick begins, it can take some time to complete, usually 1 min ( Euro 2016 game world) or 10-20 mins ( the club management game worlds ). This seems to be dependent on the complexity of the tick, so an 'end of season' tick will take a bit longer time, and Game Worlds with more clubs and more managers in them will have longer ticks than others. Ticks can take as little as 1 minute, or as long as a 20 minutes.

Sometimes, Game Ticks seem to take days or weeks. Yes. Or even a year. Maybe a lifetime. This is because you forgot to change your team set-up before a big cup match, didn't improve your bid for the star striker you really, really needed, or did something else that's daft. I recommend looking at a watch. It will usually tell you that actually, it's not been that long.

More seriously, game worlds do occasionally suffer from technical problems and they seem most likely to occur whilst the tick is progressing. If it's not the end of the season and a tick has genuinely (i.e. you've looked at a watch) taken much longer than usual, it's worth checking the Facebook Group and Game Page to see if there's really a problem.

During the GameTick, you will not be able to play ManagerSim in that GameWorld.

So, whilst waiting for a [GameTick] to complete, how about catching up with the interaction in the Forums? Keep up to date with planned improvements or changes in ManagerSim, or give your opinion on a topic.


ManagerSim tries to emulate the retro format of the European Competitions.

The Champions League, confusingly, is not just for Champions. Depending on what game world you play in and which country, up to the top four teams in top-flight League competition may qualify for the Champions League.

The UEFA Cup is for teams who just missed out on real money-making (i.e. The Champions League) placing in their league.

According to which country you play in some Cup Winners will also qualify for the UEFA League, as will the six "winners" of the Toto Cup, known as the Inter-Toto Cup.

UEFA Cup matches do offer an opportunity to boost your finances, but not by as much as the bloated excesses of the Champions League.

The Toto Cup is for teams who just missed out on qualifying through the league for one of the better European tournaments.

Because of the number of teams that can compete in this, even having a low league position can mean you qualify.

The Toto Cup comes very early in the season and its peculiarities mean that six teams will be deemed its winners! Those six teams are granted entry to the UEFA Cup and thereby more opportunities to dine at UEFA's trough.

Toto Cup matches do offer an opportunity to boost your finances, but not by as much as the bloated excesses of the Champions League.

ManagerSim Rules

General Rules

1. Any bugs or quirks in the game you discover MUST be reported to the GM; anyone who tries to gain benefit for his team will be dismissed from the beta without appeal. The manager's clubs will be fined 50% of the cash in their accounts. Anyone who uses anything that goes against the natural progression of the game engine will suffer the same fate.

2. People sending abusive material of any kind to any other person in ManagerSim will be swiftly removed from the game. This includes bad or offensive language or comments, political or religious arguments, and especially any type of bigotry or racism. This includes all public and private forms of communication in the game. Offensive material should be reported to either the forum moderator or your GM.

Game Rules

The most important and complicated rules in ManagerSim deal with the transfer market, because that is the part of the game where the majority of cheating occurs. Be very careful to make sure the transfers you make in ManagerSim are legitimate or you may be penalised. Punishment can range from a mere warning to having your account deleted.

NOTE: If you have ANY questions whatsoever, or for any reason just want to make sure your transfer is legal, email your GameMaster (GM). This will save any possible problems; the GM will tell you right away if your transfer is legal. If it is not, you can avoid the deal and hence avoid punishment. This cannot be stressed enough, as countless past punishments could have been avoided by a quick one-minute email to a GM.

1. You cannot, under any circumstances, engage in a transfer deal with another manager using the same PC as yourself. It would also be wise to avoid trading with someone on the same network as yourself. Email the GM with any questions you might have about this BEFORE you complete a transfer deal.

2. Using more than one logon (or holding multiple accounts) is not permitted.

3. If there are one or more equal high bids for a player, you must have a valid reason for dropping one of those bids. Without a valid reason (such as the manager having a bad reputation or managing a competing team in your division), ALL managers with the equal high bid must be allowed to negotiate contracts with the player.

4. Finally, ALL decisions by the GMs are final, and all discussions with the GMs should be done by private email, and not in the forums. Any and all posts in the forums that violate this will be immediately deleted by the GM (in-game) or the forum moderator (in the main forum). All questions, problems, or complaints should be sent in-game to your GM via private mail.


Thought of some names I lack in the game, does anyone have contact with any of these guys? We need to get creative and find more managers to have a game world populated with more human managers. See if you recognise few of those as well..

Abdullah Mohamed
Adam Skubala
Adam Sutcliffe
Adi Mateiciuc
Adrian Emery
Ahmed Patel
Alan Yip
Alecsandru Ghita
Alex Murphy
Alex Rigby
Alex Veen
Allan Knoplich Gotsis
Alvaro Prieto
André Cativo
André Trombe
Andrew Smith
Antti Nietula
Armando Silveira
Artur Lelis
Barry Van De Waarsenburg
Bastiaan Cozijnsen
Bastiaan Van Der Vis
Benito Gantes
Berndt Nieuwenhuizen
Blagoy Atanassov
Bouffaut Nicolas
Bran Harvey
Brett Crafar
Brian Daniels
Brian Lipton
Brian Tait
Bruce Harvey
Bruno Carneiro
Bruno Mourao De Araujo
Bruno Richard
Bruno Rolim
Cameron Ferguson
Cameron Foreman
Can Mertkan
Carlos Alves
Ced Dodo
Cedric Poncet-Montange
Cesar A. Rodriguez
Charles Cimetier
Chris Grucza
Chris Morris
Chris Portess
Christopher Hull
Cid Campeador
Clemente Forever
Colin Weston
Craig Tubby
Dan Clark
Dan Ghita
Dan Szumla
Dan Wood
Dani Herrero
Daniel A. Duarte
Daniel Farinha
Daniel Fonseca Duarte
Daniel Rodríguez De La Cuesta
Darren Anderson
Dave Parker
Dave Parker
Dave Spurrier
Dave Wallace
David Greenly
David Rocco
David Wilkinson
Dean Tan
Dennis Simons
Deron Desautels
Dhimiter Gjidede
Diego Fuente
Dimitar Yankov
Dimitri Reinderman
Eduardo Almeida
Emil Mona
Etienne Lepetit
Ewoudos Blakos
Felipe Funtowicz
Felippe Delangelo
Fernando Borges
Fernando Henrique
Fontaine Laure
Fraimbaud Gilles
Francisco Castro
Freco Reinders
Fred Neumann
Frenchi Melow
Gareth Greig
Gary Cobb
Gary Shepherd
Gergey Utlick
Gogu Fenta
Goran Biljetina
Guerrini Pierre
Guilherme Lira
Guillermo Parra
Guntis Kalnins
Henk Pieterse
Henrik Thystrup
Henry Medeiros
Howard Ka Ho Chan
Hubert Stassen
Ian Blackwood
Ian Runnalls
Igor Sosa
Ilian Stefanov
Ilya Bak
Jack Bateman
Jack Bauer
Jake Elliott
James Caullay
Jamie Stowe
Jani Kelloniemi
Jason Merone
Jason Montana
Javier Palacian
Jeff Rayner
Jelal Dolgun
Jimmy Bright
João Alves
João Britto
João Guerreiro
João Méndez Fernandes
Joao Tarracao
Joe Gurney
Joe Kennedy
Johan Fernández Hills
John Fowler
John Rose
Jon Eriksson
Jorge De Brito
José Agostinho Gomes
José Carlos Soares
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Fernández Montes
Juan Manuel Gonsalvez
Justin Petak
Jørgen Lejbølle
Kalle Nietula
Karlos Baltodano
Keith Paprocki
Ken Van Egmond
Kent Lindblad
Lars Viggo Hagen
Lee Hong Qing
Leonid Petrov
Lieve Bogaerts
Luc Blomme
Luc Vervoort
Luis Correia
Luís Gonzaga Grego
Mads Larsen
Manuel Vega-Arango
Marcel Berenblut
Marcelo Cardoso
Marco Fazzo
Marcos Palmeira
Marcos Suárez
Mário Carvalho Santiago
Mark Bennett
Mark Bowen
Mark Howes
Mark Richardson
Mark Salaman
Markus Nachtigall
Martin Marc
Matt Hennig
Matt Jones
Matt Lyons
Matt Parrish
Matt Wenn
Matthew Barrick
Matthew Curtis
Matthew Gregory
Matthew Smith
Mattias Lonnqvist
Mauro Miatello
Melanie Fiesels
Michel Hol
Michel Ribbens
Michiel Bouwman
Mikael Johansson
Mike Ing
Mike Turner
Milos Milkoski
Mirza Alicehajic
Muhamad Saufie
Neil Browne
Neil Hardy
Nicolas Lecharpentier
Nihad Nedzibovic
Nik Blank
Nikolaos Baxevanakis
Olli Romppainen
Onno Giller
Onur Afacan
Otto Ropponen
Pablo Martínez Frutos
Pablo Meyer
Patrick Armand
Patrick Cimetier
Patrick Kennedy
Patrick O`Sullivan
Paul Drummond
Paulo Autuori
Paulo Francisco
Pedro Carvalho
Pedro Ferreira
Pete Brown
Peter Reece
Peter Scheel
Pier Veenstra
Pleianu Lucian
Pogonaru George
Rafael Kaufman
Rafael Moraes Kann
Rafael Vasconcelos Porto
Reimer Bohn
Renaud Murat
Rene Lange
Ricardo Brandão
Ricardo Costa
Richard Bertouche
Richard Selby
Ricki Frederiksen
Rik Hopmans
Rinaldo Augusto Miranda Camurugy
Rob Robinson
Rob Robinson
Roberto Luigio
Rod Olsen
Rodrigo Enge
Rogier Stam
Roman Pereyaslavsky
Romuald Thenault
Ronald Kreuze
Rui Alexandre Guerra
Rui Antunes
Rui Bárcia
Sahra Pernille Gergersen
Sam Lanyon
Simon Caffrey
Simon Ruddlesdin
Simon Ryan
Stef Maisonneuve
Steve Hinds
Steve Silva
Steven Schalkx
Stu May
Sylvain Dingenouts
Tarcísio Pinto
Thiery Ketz
Thomas Fu
Thomas Schmidt
Tiago Costa
Tim Creggan
Tim Hatfield
Tomaz Zlatar
Tommy Mathew
Tony Gough
Umar Salman
Victor Romijn
Vince Maher
Virginia Vasconcelos
Wayne Knight
Wayne Knight
Will Cornell
Zigmars Igaunis



When looking at the player individually, he may seem to be a star, while the team list show only the biggest stars (depending on club level). It's the same thing but much more meaningful.

Before it showed all stars now the team list shows the biggest stars. It's more attractive than displaying a list with 20+ stars.
It's a design thing really. The stars are still stars, the merchandise still generates the money..

Match Replay

It has never worked on modern web browsers and is not supported at all.. Sorry.

Free transfer

Another issue I encountered is that I have more than the impression that this free transfer thing is become just a random issue.  Whereas in the past wage was by far the most (but not only) factor.  This has in my opinion Evolved to a pure random issue.  If you are 10 Mgrs offering a contract your chance is my opinion signing him is 10% no matter what wage you put in.  Bad evolution of the game and also completely unrealistic.  People will never go to a club where they get offered at least 5x lower salary.


The new MO really saves some time on official matches but it doesn't really work on friendlies.
At least for me. I have 2 friendles squads and I still have to do it manually.
It's not much of a big deal but if we could have the option of "all remaining friendlies on tuesday" and "all remaining friendlies on thursday" would be awesome.


In-game forum

You are probably right about mobile, I confess I am not a mobile player, so I can´t give an opinion on that.
Slack is a good option, just not sure how it will work with a massive number or players, but maybe with the right channels it could be great.

Thanks for the answers, and finally this forum get some activity :-)

Team has decided to drop negotiations

Yes, I agree that we need to improve that part of the game. Those improvements and changes need to be made vary careful though. We don't want to end up with making a change where manager logs in and has zero chance to remedy any situation he has gotten himself into and get fired. There is a bunch of areas to address really.

Injury crisis

I think you are giving the game too much credit on the logic part, as what you write makes sense and it would actually be really good feature to have players breaking down after having a too intense pre-season game schedule. We don't have that yet.

I haven't had much injury crisis myself for a long time but I do log on very frequently and adjust training to always rest players with stamina less than 94-95. Even then I can have 2-3 guys injured. That's why team management with squad rotation becomes an important part of the season strategy to perform as well as possible.

Feedback on latest release, 2016-03-31

This will definitely benefit ANY clubs in "poorer" and lower rated countries.

Ok, it's like this, BIG club is rated say 92/100 (Torino), while country (Italy) is 82/100!!
Club rating is dynamic, based on the player material in club, read 16 best players average on a scale of 0-100!!
So Italy will produce about 82-92 players (at best) for Torino.

Blackburn Rovers are 88/100 and England is 77/100 rating. So your players will be about 77-88 skilled so maths suggest generally Torino will produce better youth players than Blackburn Rovers.

So my idea will take the England rating and make it more dynamic so it can increase or decrease, based on European cup success rate. So the more english teams do well in Europe, the higher the chance will be for an English team to produce a better player, just because being English.

The biggest teams/countries Leagues already produce the best youth.
Also with the foreign players generated, you can get a finish guy generated in Italy that will be better than those generated in Finland.

So about the incentive to smaller clubs.
FC Jazz, 91/100, almost as great as Torino. Finland has a rating of 55/100 so it will be players 55-91, which most likely translates into (55+91)/2 = 146/2 = 73. So FC Jazz without any changes will NEVER produce any youths they can use in their first team as the best players are foreign ones.

With the change, the finish teams success will make the 55 rating of Finland perhaps go to say 80, then you have better chance to produce better youth players in Finland.

How does THAT not make any sense??
How does THAT benefit the bigger teams and NOT the small ones?

It would if the German, Italian, Spanish, French and English teams had a world rating of 100, then they would produce always great players (percentage wise, it is still random as always been).

Here one of my ideas was to make smaller teams (lower levels) produce the better players, to make it interesting with a market.
So say a county index of 70 would be added a 10 points then removed the club level. Lowest level clubs will get that base number to 70+10-1 (club level) = 79, so now they produce 9 points better players (still random, we are talking about the edges of a set of data).

The manager level thing would balance and most definitely benefit smaller clubs.

Ideally I would like to make the manager levels app only thing, where you can assign any gained level to a certain strength/trait of a manager, like:
A) tactician
B) economist
C) motivator
D) team builder
and so on, so if you are level 10 manager, you would be able to assign your 10 points as you wish for defining your managerial philosophy.. App only is closest to mind..

I hope this make is bit more logical/clear, still nothing decided, this is just brainstorming stage yet.

Coach reports

Yes, every time I request a report on said player I am told he will become a fantastic player, but I'm not seeing it.

Players for sale

Plenty for sale and loan at Blackburn, but probably not as good as the players at Juve, but probably cheaper!